What Makes Us Different

Why Work With Us?

Why Work With Us?

We’re not only different, we’re determined to:

  • Make you the “Owner” of your finances, not the whole team
  • Uncover opportunities in an effort to improve your plan and pursue ambitious goals
  • Provide custom, thoughtful, researched advice quickly
  • Simplify complicated financial decisions, not confuse you with jargon

Most importantly, our goal is to give you confidence in your financial plan and the lifestyle freedom that accompanies it.

Impact: Our Purpose and Yours

Founded as an ideal, not just a business, WCF exists to create more people like our founder’s Grandfather, Wendell Charles Kirkpatrick. As a 40-year physician in private practice, an investor in the markets and real estate, and a generous philanthropist within his community and the arts, Wendell introduced Evan to business axioms and advice that continue guiding us today. Evan’s first lesson in charitable gifting came as a teenager when Wendell sold a highly appreciated apartment complex and used it to fund a charitable trust.

Wealth can have a tremendous, positive impact on our lives and causes we care about with diligent planning. We will include philanthropy and charitable gifting strategies into our financial planning discussions with you from our first meeting. We have the tools and resources available in an effort to help you efficiently execute your giving strategies seeking to maximize impact.

Fiduciary: Your Best Interest Is Good Business

As much as we would like to manage your money (that’s what we do after all), it’s not always the right fit or the right time. And it’s not only appropriate timing, but the fees and expenses, the type of investments, advice we give, and more. We only recommend to you what we would do ourselves in your situation. That means accepting legal responsibility (we would add moral to that) for the advice we provide you which ensures our guidance is researched, well thought through, and the best we can offer with the information available to us.

Technology: Forward Thinking

At WCF, we are continuously evaluating and implementing new, actionable tech solutions to make your experience with our firm better. Whether that means new communication methods like virtual meetings and screen-sharing, texting with your advisor, or technology that makes our internal operations more efficient, we are always adapting valuable technology while maintaining the personal touch with your dedicated advisor.

Process: Gain Clarity with Wealth Vision

Listen, Educate, Consult, Deliver

There isn’t a presentation until you tell us who you are and what you need.

It’s hard to prove on a website, but listening is our primary focus. If we have all the necessary information, we can educate you when necessary, discuss your options, and confidently execute your plan.

Independence: Freedom of Choice

Independent from day one, we are powered by the largest independent financial services broker/dealer, LPL Financial*. This means you get the strength of a publicly traded company, yet our Advisors are free to recommend strategies without being held to quotas or proprietary products. The result is that you receive a consultative relationship, not a salesy one.

Holistic: Your Complete Picture

Wealth management is not just investing. Wealth management includes guidance for investments, real estate, insurance, estate planning, social security, taxes, goal setting, retirement income and expense monitoring, philanthropy, and access to our network of professionals when needed like CPA’s, trust companies, and attorneys at reasonable rates.

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