Wendell Charles Expands Operations with Purchase of Iowa Office Location

Wendell Charles Expands Operations with Purchase of Iowa Office Location

August 03, 2021

Wendell Charles Expands Digital Wealth Management Services with Purchase of Davenport, Iowa Office Location

We are thrilled to have settled on the Quad Cities area to open our third office location for Wendell Charles. Purchased in March of 2021, our office building located within Paul Revere Square in Davenport, Iowa will serve as a core operations hub to serve clients nationwide.

Throughout the pandemic, it became increasingly clear that we needed to enhance our digital infrastructure. "From a cloud-based phone system, remote-first internal communications, client facing portals and file sharing, to partnership with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, we have made a major investment in the digital future of this company" stated CEO, Evan Kirkpatrick. "We believe that you can truly work from anywhere with the right set of technology tools and provide clients with a seamless, and even improved experience compared to in-person meetings."

While we will always offer in-person meetings as an option for our Los Angeles and Chicago area clients, the vast majority of people have taken to digital-first meetings for standard account review and strategy meetings. Iowa serves as a business-friendly state that we look forward to growing in over the many years to come.

Our first two new employees in the Iowa office have joined us! Kayla Shay, client services associate, and Jackie DeWitt, office administration assistant, will support our clients nationwide from this location. With backgrounds from outside fields (legal and hospital systems), they provide a fresh lens to view financial services operations through and are focused on improving our client experience on a daily basis.

(Kayla Shay, Client Services Associate)

“It was a natural fit for us to launch our Quad Cities area office. My wife's family has roots here dating back many decades and I've enjoyed visiting over the last few years” stated Kirkpatrick. "We believe this area has a lot of potential, a quality talent pool, and that Midwest kindness I'm still getting used to" Kirkpatrick joked.

We are looking to add more team members including wealth managers, client services associates, and insurance producers in the Quad Cities ongoing as we grow so please reach out to hr@wendellcharles.com or apply for an open positions via http://wendellcharles.com/careers.

(Jackie DeWitt, Administrative Assistant)

We are proud to have utilized the services of numerous local Quad Cities companies to outfit our office space including Davenport Printing Company for signage, Allmakes Office Furniture in Moline, Illinois, and many others.  "Our goal is to be a solid contributor to this community, hire and develop local talent, and grow our firm in the process" stated Wendell Charles President and Wealth Manager, Josh Youngblood, who will oversee the branches growth initiatives.

(signage courtesy of Davenport Printing Company)

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Founded in 2011 by current CEO, Evan Kirkpatrick, Wendell Charles provides digital wealth management services to over 750 individual, family, and business accounts in 20 states as of August,24, 2021. Wendell Charles Advisors provide fee-based financial planning, investment management, and insurance services utilizing online meetings and innovative software combined with many years of financial services experience.