Evaluating Life Insurance

Evaluating Life Insurance

October 03, 2022

When is the last time you evaluated your Life Insurance?

If you have or need life insurance, some great questions to ask yourself are:

Do you have the right amount? You may have too much coverage or not enough based on your age, life changes, or wealth accumulation.

Is it yours? Employer-based life insurance is cost-effective but if you leave your job, can you take it with you? And if your employer pays for it, it may be a taxable benefit.

Are you paying too much? Many policies are overpriced, structured to increase in cost, or contain bells and whistles that may not suit your needs any longer.

Is it the right type & length? There are a multitude of products out there, all with different benefits and features. Make sure your insurance fits your needs. For example, are you within 5 years of a 20-year policy? Is your Variable Life policy going to require more $ than you currently pay to stay in place?

In summation... Do you know what you have? Many of us, are not even sure what our coverage amount is, let alone what structure or features we have.

If you do not know the answer to these questions let us help.

The right type of life insurance can make or break a financial plan or legacy plan for a family or business. We will audit and provide you feedback on your particular financial situation and legacy goals.

Alternatively, maybe life insurance has been on your mind for some time. We can make sure you scratch it off your list.